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Traffic acquisition and loyalty programs, improving a website's conversion rate and general performance... Which strategies will best display the company's specific offer  and promote brand awareness?

SEO : How to make your website visible ?

The visibility and ranking of a site depends on a set of semantic elements and techniques to create a profitable and sustainable stategy and generate a qualified trafic.

Search Engine Optimisation requires :

  • a thorough analysis of the target audience

  • optimising the website for search engines and visitors

  • creating compulsive content for the pages

  • delivering the very best user experience

  • constant performance monitoring

SOCIAL MEDIA and community management

  • Social media provide a huge opportunity to collect visitors feedback and potentially to turn them into ambassadors

  • They play a major role in developping sales : 40% of online searches are performed on social media

  • Social medias contribute greatly to a website's global visibility 

  • Retaining visitors, generating engagement, promoting brand awareness are instrumental aspects of social media strategy

CONTENT MARKETING : how to make an impact

  • Transforming visitors into ambassadors and buyers starts with an engaging speech to display the brand's expertise

  • Contents organised around key words and expressions that best illustrate the compagnies activity. Content marketing is about convincing and making a difference through quality information and visuals

  • A digital roadmap necessarily includes an editorial plan to push quality contents : articles, blog posts, product pages, videos...

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