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Content marketing has become a major strategy to generate traffic on a website. Quality information and visual content appeal to visitors and convert them into buyers and ambassadors. A well-build editorial plan will respond to target audiences expectations, as well as search engines requirements.

Defining editorial lines and calendars

To reach their goal, publications need to reach the right people at the right time with the appropriate tone. They also aim to create reading habits and imply :

  • Defining audiences and their expectations 

  • Identiying the most effective digital campaigns 

  • Selecting an adequate editorial line for the brand

  • Creating an editorial calendar focused around visitors habits and social presence

Content management and optimisation 

Compagnies have editorial and visual contents that display  their expertise. This is the starting point for the editorial process :

  • Content inventory and qualification

  • Web optimisation

  • Creation of a roadmap

  • Best publishing times for each platform 

  • Implementation of a communication plan

Producing content for the web

Contents are a means to display the company's expertise in its domain and convince their prospective buyers or visitors :

  • Identifying of strategic keywords

  • Providing relevant and effective information

  • Adaptating pitch and format

  • Optimising content for search engines

  • Creating associated metadata

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